British English Learning,Easy And Efficient Way, For Free


I saw that you wanna learn English, and want to know how to learn English And You Don't Wanna Spend 1000$ On that, Isn't it that, Of course, If you are looking ways to learn British English Not American, Because The post which you are seeing In In American English and Most Of You Know American English.

                                Because, British English Is Kinda Like a Tongue Twister:

    They pronounce Water as:

            /Votah/ Or /Wotah/  While In American We pronounce It as /Warer/, /Vater/ Or /Varer/

    Daughter as:

    /Dotghah/ or /Dotah

    Bottle as:

    /Botle/ While we pronounce as /Botel/ {Simlar Isn't it >3}


If we renounce that, English Is Different And British English English Is Different, British Is an Accent Of English, Which might take you years to learn fully. Although, The Mostly spoken English Accent, Is The Indian Accent (Indo-Engish Accent).

So, If I give you any advice to learn any accent, it is the Indo-English Accent, because it's the most recognizable, English Accent.


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