Secret Ways Of Google Adsense To Earn 2000$ A Month

 Google Adsense, Is A Platform where Publishers can Earn Money From their websites, for absolutely free.

    Although Adsense has a lot Of Guidelines And Policies, That Isn't The Matter Today.
If You Opened This Page, That Means You Have an Adsense Website And Wanna Know how to Get More Revenue. Am I Correct?

    I'm Damn Sure I Am Correct. How To Start Earning More With Google Adsense?

Before Starting That,

 Let's See How Adsense Works?

Adsense Is Platform Where The Advertisers, Bid For Some Space On Your Website. The More Trustworthy Your Website Is, The More Revenue You Get. So, Adsense Is Like An Auction, People Bid For Places On Website.

Let's See, When I started My Journey With Adsense, My Website Trustflow was 0. So, I used To Get CPC Like

CPC = 0.016$

And Today, My CPC Is 2.62$ To 3.25$.

See, This Screenshot, Tells Everything, Starting Is Not Bad At All, My first Week With Adsense, I Used To Get around 8$ a month, That wasn't Enough, I stated Still And Now I Get around 550.2$ A Week. So, I stayed With My Passion, And Guess What I Got The Results.

Let's How I Got That Much Revenue Form Google Adsense

Number Of Sites.

                                                                  I Have around 32 blogger based sites and 9 Wordpress Based Sites Submitted To Google Adsense, From Which I got around a 2000$ A Month, I know That's too many websites, And That, cost me too, it costs me around A 900$ / Annually To Maintain All Of Them. That means Total Profit = 13200$/Annually  So, Guess What, Although I Spend A Lot, I also Get A Lot from all Of Them And This My Blog, My Real Website, Which makes around 24% Of all profit. 

Blocking Controls:

Blocking Controls Also Help A Lot, Because, Using It we can Block Low-CTR Ads, And Only Get High- CTR Ads.


Google, It-self says that Good Ads, Only come to Trustworthy Websites, And We Think about Trustworthy-ness, we think About Off-Page Seo. But, Google, Itself said Trustworthy Websites have Nothing To Do With Backlinks And All. Google Bots, Reads The Website Context, And Then Simulate Trustworthy-ness. I recommend Semrush, To Check Your Website, Never Use MOZ, In a Blog By Google Central, They Referred to Moz as the worst SEO-tool for Seo-Experts And Ahrefs as the best, but Semrush Is Also Good. They ranked It in 3rd Position. Just Because, Moz uses Old-Metrics, Which has nothing to do with Google At Present.


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